Interlab closed the first half of the year marked by development and growth

At Interlab, we closed an excellent first half of the year with remarkable development and growth that drives us to continue working towards achieving our annual goals. Our participation in congresses, fairs, and other events around the world allowed us to present our powerful and innovative software for the traceability and management of surgical instruments and medical devices in new markets, opening doors for us to keep expanding.

We significantly increased the reach of our traceability and management software for surgical instruments and medical devices (DM), which stands out for raising quality standards in health and patient safety. With our technological tools, we not only optimize the responsiveness of a sterilization center (CE) but also provide a deep understanding of our customers’ needs.


True to our essence, we continue to bet on innovation and the development of new technologies and services. A renewed version of the system, new accessories, and complementary services will allow us to continue adding value and quality to our proposal. In this way, we extended the reach of our technological tool to users in 10 countries.

In these months, we strengthened our market position through new strategic alliances that drive our growth. These collaborations allowed us to expand our reach and improve services. We always aim to increase our commitment to innovation in systems and complementary technologies.

Additionally, we are going through the ISO recertification process, an important step that underscores our dedication to the quality of our processes and procedures. This recertification not only reaffirms the high standards we maintain but also ensures our clients the excellence and reliability of our operations.

One of the most outstanding aspects of our software is that it meets the highest standards of quality and safety. We achieve this thanks to the dedication of our highly trained team, who work tirelessly to implement and improve technology in various healthcare facilities.

The success achieved during this semester aligns with the goals we have set for the future. This is because we are focused on continuing to innovate and develop quality innovative solutions that improve the management of medical resources, patient safety, and benefit the healthcare industry. In this way, we continue to bet on working to make the complex simple.

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