Illustration of traceability throughout the sterilization cycle
Surgical Instrument

Tracking Software

illustration of surgical instruments

Instrument UDI

Illustration of traceability throughout the sterilization cycle

Web-based surgical instrument management systems for patient safety.

Our software is designed to comprehensively monitor, trace and manage CSSDs, endoscopies, ORs and any other area, no matter its complexity, using the latest technology to ensure the safekeeping and control of all surgical instruments and medical devices intervening in any medical practice.

Integrations allowed by the software

Graph in Portuguese showing the full automation that can be achieved with the software, through universal integration with all kinds of equipment and also with other IT systems.

Achieve full automation in your sterile processing department

Our software is universally integrated into all kinds of equipment and other hospital systems.

Integration with equipment:

  • Washers
  • Endoscope washer – desinfector
  • Sterilizers
  • Incubators
  • Environmental sensor

Integration with other software:

  • HIS
  • Surgical schedule
  • Electronic medical record
  • Billing systems
  • Assets control

Key features

Full traceability, up to the patient

It enables traceability inside and outside the CSSD, ensures duly compliance of each of the stages and improves patients’ safety.

Real-time assets control

It simplifies the administration and control of all the surgical instrument, at the same time as ensuring safekeeping, preservation, replacement, rotation and efficiency of all the inventories, whether belonging to a box or to separate equipment. With our software, you will be able to analyze, plan, and take measurements under exact, real-time asset control.

Monitoring, traceability and management in only one tool

The system has an exclusive management module which generates reports, statistics, quality indexes, dashboard and all the necessary information to make decisions. It grants all the necessary data, with simple and immediate access.

24/7 specialized technical support

We provide prompt and direct communication to all the system’s users. Your query, question or problem will be solved immediately by our team of experts.

Cutting-edge technology

100% web-based, real-time, remote access software, for any mobile device. You only need an internet browser to execute our software, which guarantees quick implementation and maintenance, and an increase in the outreach of the system to other areas.

Upgradable software without restrictions

The system constantly improves through upgrades, new modules and add-ons, which result from ideas, suggestions and contributions from our community of clients. You can increase the scope of the system daily, with no additional cost, versions nor restrictions.


  • It allows the Hospital Management to enhance the safety of the patients by complying with best sterilization practices and the correct safekeeping and optimization of the existing equipment, under strict compliance with surgical schedules.
  • it provides the Committee of Infectious Diseases or the Quality Committee, with all the traceability data and sterilization, washing and disinfection protocols, with fully digital access, specified as per surgical practice or medical procedure.
  • It allows the Sterilization Leadership to efficiently manage and handle the headquarters to comply with the needs of the different areas. 100% paper-free traceability enables the generation of reports, statistics and searches necessary to create the support needed for your administration in a real-time, simple way.
  • It allows Sterilization Technicians to proceed with their daily routine in a simpler, safer and more organized way, with the system as support and validation for each stage of the process, without the need of direct supervision or consultancy.
icon surgical instrument

Surgical Instrument

The Unique Device Identification (UDI) for al lof the surgical instruments is a key requirement for its proper administration.

Laser Marking

Laser Marking

Sell and rental of equipment, laser cut service and/or support for laser marking

Micro UDI

Micro UDI

Sell and support for standard and customized micro tags to label equipment.



Sell and support for micro tag RFID, adhesives and/or readers.

Micro Percussion

Micro Percussion

Sell and rental of equipment, ID service and/or support for percussion marking.



Customization of cards, tags to identify baskets, sifted trays and containers.


Do you perform traceability for surgical instruments inside trays and sets?

Yes, through our system, the inventories for each of the trays can be traced after each use, which avoids the mixture, loss or stealing of surgical instrument. Through the UDI, photographs and videos, each piece of equipment is traced inside and outside the box to ensure a strict control of the surgical instrument.

Does the system count with modules for ORs, hemodynamics, endoscopies and ICU?

Yes, all the modules mentioned above are available, any other area can be traced, and inventories or assets can be administrated. The full scope we ensure is focused in the patient. The more areas the software covers, the more information the CSSD will have to plan daily tasks based in the compliance of the surgical board and the pre-scheduled medical procedures.

Can the software be connected to any washer and sterilizer?

Yes, no matter which brand or model, we can connect the equipment, wireless or wired. This enables us to digitalize all the processes and determine automatically if a certain process was correct or incorrect with its corresponding failure. The release of all the washing and sterilization loads is no longer the technicians’ responsibility thanks to the automatization our software provides.

Is the software online based? Can I use it anywhere, in real time?

Yes, in our system, authorized users can view, search and generate reports and statistics remotely and in real time, from a PC, smartphone, tablet or any mobile device with internet connection.

Can I achieve fully digital documentary record?

Yes, after the system is implemented all the paper documents can be removed, both from the CSSD, the OR and other areas included in the system, which complies with green, paper-free hospital policies.

Does it comply with local and international regulations? Does it apply to quality standard certifications, such as Joint Commission?

Yes, our system complies with all the local, regional and international regulations required by our clients. In case changes or new requirements arise, it is our commitment to adapt and upgrade the software to comply with new regulations. We are proud to be considered by our clients as an operative strength in the accreditations or revisions of quality standards.

Are there restrictions of users, terminals, versions and/or functionalities?

There are no restrictions nor unexpected, hidden costs. The system was designed for self-management and it aims to increase the features inside the organization, without additional costs and/or authorization requests.

Can it be integrated with other hospital software?

Yes, for those clients who need integration with other software, we have a new integration module available without additional cost.