Interlab had a successful presence at the II Ibero-American Sterilization Congress

Interlab, a leading company in the development of solutions for the traceability and management of surgical instruments and medical devices, had a successful presence at the II Ibero-American Sterilization Congress, held from May 16th to 18th at the Las Américas Convention Center in Cartagena, Colombia. This was due to both the presentation of its innovative technological tool and the workshop conducted by its director, Ezequiel Giuliani, which had significant attendance. In this way, the company continues to proudly contribute from its position to the medical and healthcare community.

Interlab presented its advanced technology designed to optimize sterilization processes and management of surgical instruments, which contributes to improving efficiency and safety in hospital environments. In this context, a large number of interested parties visited booth 19 to gain in-depth knowledge of the significant impact of Interlab’s proposal.

There was specific interest in the workshop “Traceability and Total Management Software up to the Patient” conducted by Giuliani. During his presentation, he provided a detailed insight into how Interlab’s technology can be integrated into healthcare systems to ensure traceability and comprehensive management of surgical instruments.

The workshop had high attendance and active participation from attendees, highlighting the interest and relevance of the solutions proposed by Interlab in the field of sterilization and management of medical instruments.

Interlab’s recent participation in the II Ibero-American Sterilization Congress reaffirms its position as a leader in the sector and its ongoing commitment to innovation and advancement in the field of health and medical sterilization.

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