XXII Pan-American Sterilization Congress in Mexico

Congreso Panamericano de Esterilización en México

Find us at the XXII Pan-American Sterilization Congress in Mexico. It will take place from October 30th to November 2nd at the National Medical Center XXI Century Congress Unit in Mexico City (CDMX). We will be showcasing our traceability, monitoring, and management software for medical devices.

The Pan-American Sterilization Congress is organized by the Mexican College of Sterilization Professionals, a civil association dedicated to education, dissemination, and knowledge generation, as well as the promotion of best practices related to sterilization and disinfection in the field of healthcare.

The central topics that will be addressed during the conference include:

  1. Environmental Management in Reprocessing Centers
  2. Carbon Footprint of Sterilization
  3. Washing and Sterilization Technologies
  4. Taxonomy of Reprocessing Centers
  5. Biosafety and Toxicity of Low-Temperature Sterilization
  6. High-Level Disinfection
  7. Risk Analysis
  8. Thermodesinfection
  9. Biofilms, Prions, and Non-Infectious Particles
  10. Reuse of Medical Devices, Management, and Regulation of Medical Devices
  11. Instrument Identification with RFID
  12. Innovations for Hospital Environmental Control
  13. Leadership, Motivation, and Human Development
  14. Professionalization of Sterilization in Latin America
  15. Standardized Procedures and Risk Analysis

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