Balance of the 2022: a more sustainable growth

Fiesta de Año Nuevo

2022 was a year of great growth and transformation for Interlab:

  • We implement our traceability and management software in countries throughout Latin America, in plants with state-of-the-art technology, high quality standards and valuable human groups. For the first time, we landed in Colombia 🇨🇴 and Mexico 🇲🇽, and, in the case of Ecuador 🇪🇨, we were pioneers in implementing digitized traceability in sterilization.
  • We strengthened our organization through ISO 9001 certification, taking a leap towards improving our processes and quality standards.
  • We participate in the most prominent medical fairs around the world. We met very diverse professionals from different backgrounds and nationalities.
  • We expanded our structure of collaborators, increasing our staff by 50%.
  • We incorporate new modules with key functionalities in our system, which will be implemented in 2023.
  • We expand our arrival with new informative content, webinars and generate new alliances to extend our work in Argentina and Latin America.
  • We work on sustainable financing to increase institutional impact and independence.

We know that guaranteeing patient safety is possible thanks to teamwork and sharing the same vision: always putting people at the center: patients, our clients, employees and suppliers.

Thanks to those who join us in our project of making the complex simple. We wish you a prosperous 2023, with more innovation, projects and shared happiness! 🎉✨